Terms & Conditions


A) Worthing Pride reserves the right to evict a customer without refund, and/or refuse admission. See Eviction Policy 

B) You may be body/bag searched at the entrances, on the site or when leaving.

C) Any item(s), reasonably considered for use as a weapon, which may cause danger, offence or disruption to any other person, must be surrendered to staff**.

D) Any person carrying illegal items or carrying out illegal activity will be given to the Police and refused entry. 

E) Anti-social behaviour may lead to eviction*. Please act responsibly.

Damage / Losses

A) WP is unable to accept any liability for personal or property damages, losses (including surrendered items) or injuries sustained at this event - other than caused as a result of our negligence.

B) We may prosecute You if You cause damage to the Venue, the Venue infrastructure, or cause harm to any other person at the Event and/or Venue. 


No Drugs or Alcohol to be bought into Beach House Grounds

No Glass bottles 

No Deckchairs


There will be no refunds if the event is called off due to adverse weather, fire or terrorist attacks or by any eventuality beyond the organisers control If you do not present a valid Eticket or print out there will be no refund or entry Wristbands will be issued upon entry and you will only be allowed re entry upon display of intact wristband